Dumpsters for New Home Construction

8 Yard Dumpsters

8' Long x 6' Wide x 4' High

Sclafani Waste Service has dumpsters for new home construction. If you are about to start construction in a new subdivision our 8 yard dumpster rentals may be the best solution for you. Sclafani Waste Service offers 8 yard steel containers for each new home under construction. Our containers are the perfect size between a large rolloff container and small plastic container or wood boxes that can only hold paper. Our containers are dropped one per home, and do not leave the site. We empty them weekly based on production so there is no need to call to schedule a pick up.

We know that you have a choice of construction debris removal companies in the Greater Atlanta and Marietta, GA area; we appreciate your consideration choosing SWS. Our hope is that you will feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations and know that our customers are always our number one focus.

  • Efficient: Not a roll-off dumpster, takes up half the space and bins are emptied weekly, even if partially full.
  • Cost Effective: Flat rate pricing per home for complete service.
  • Convenient: Bins can be placed anywhere in front of home, including driveway aprons.
  • Clean Community: Sub contractors always have a trash container for daily clean up; trash is out of view and does not pile up in garages after driveway installation.
  • Safe: Trash piles are contained and no longer a hazard.